Kim Walder


Kim is a highly accomplished health professional with significant experience in leading and developing teams, implementing and realising change strategies, and positively influencing team culture through empathetic engagement and collaborative working. With broad exposure to both the public and corporate sectors, she has successfully led a significant number of service re-design projects, and is recognised for her expert knowledge of contemporary health issues.

Kim is committed to the improvement of service delivery through innovation, advocacy, and challenging the status quo. This is complemented by her drive to coach and provide clear leadership to her staff in achieving both their personal and professional goals.

Bringing together her focus on human occupation and human behaviour theories, Kim specialises in identifying the personal meaning of adversity to individual clients and will  develop a specific range of evidence-based strategies to build psychological resilience tailored to their specific needs.

Kim is  a registered Occupational Therapist who specialises in chronic disease management, stress management, fatigue management, rehabilitation following work-related stress and mental health. She has 28 years’ experience providing mentoring, coaching and supervision.

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Working with teams and individuals to build resilience and capability